Dad endures sweltering heat in viral hot car video

North Carolina man's 'Hot Car Challenge' meant to raise awareness on car deaths

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A North Carolina father is challenging parents to take the "Hot Car Challenge" to raise awareness about hot car deaths.

Terry Bartley of Greensboro told The Associated Press he was outraged to hear about a Georgia toddler's death in a sweltering vehicle last month.

In a YouTube video that's gone viral, Bartley sits in his own car with the windows rolled up and documents the experience.

After just 10 minutes, he said he felt like he couldn't breathe and compared it to sitting in a microwave.

"I could have easily took my shirt and wiped my face and wringed it out," Bartley told ABC News.

Since being uploaded June 20, the YouTube video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

Watch the video below, or by clicking here:


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