WWII veteran surprises students at Chet's Creek Elementary

1 student's drawing in USS Yorktown museum


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Veteran's Day is a special day celebrated throughout the country, during which people honor those for our freedom.

World War II veteran Merald Woods spoke to students at Chet's Creek Elementary on Thursday and surprised one little Navy enthusiast during his visit.

Connor Stevens has been fascinated with military history since he visited Charleston, South Carolina.

He got the chance to tour and stay the night at the USS Yorktown, which is now a museum.

Connor was so inspired by his trip that he drew a picture of the aircraft carrier and wrote a letter to the museum asking curators to put the picture on display.

Connor was surprised to find out his drawing did in fact make it into the museum. Woods brought a copy of it to the school to show Connor.

"I thought it was really cool. I was really surprised when I saw this and I just thought, wow," Connor said. "I'm really glad that I sacrificed my first drawing of this ship to give it to Patriot's Point."

When asked what it was like seeing a World War II veteran, Connor said it was really cool.

"I'm really interested in history and I have four games on my tablet that are actually dedicated to World War II," Connor said.

Woods served on the USS Yorktown 70 years ago.

"I admire him (Connor) and I hope it stays with him because we need more youngsters like him that do remember us veterans because we are fading away fairly fast," Woods said. "There's not too many of us left."

Woods hoped his speech to the students would inspire them to remember veterans.

Connor continues to dream big and wants to build Navy ships when he grows up.