Family of 14 burned out of home flooded with love from Jacksonville

Thousands of dollars raised, car & clothing to be donated

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A family of 14 people who lost their car and Westside home after it went up in flames is getting a lot of support from the Jacksonville community.

The family's financial support from the American Red Cross ran out on Tuesday, but thanks to the generosity of many News4Jax viewers, things are starting to look up.

As of Tuesday evening, the family's fundraising account was over its goal of $7,000.

LINK: Fundraising account for family burned out of home
GALLERY: Fire destroys family's Westside home

"I have faith in the Lord. I knew I was going to get this," said Rosa McConico, a 74-year-old grandmother and the family's matriarch. "It's just something my spirit knew."

McConico​ said total strangers are stepping in to help, including two people who have offered to donate a vehicle, which is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. The car was totaled in the fire on Saturday.

Another anonymous donor has offered to buy the family new clothing.

"I never met her (the donor) but she was just like a friend. Somebody I knew. We weren't strangers when we met," McConico said.

When it comes to keeping a roof over the big family, another anonymous donor told News4Jax they paid for the family to stay another two nights in a hotel.

"I've been homeless before myself," the donor said. "I wanted to make sure they got the things I didn't get: support."

On Friday, the family will move into a complete stranger's home for a week. McConico's pastor has offered to let the family stay at the church so they have shelter while insurance works out the claim.

Shaniqua Smith, McConico's granddaughter, is grateful so many have offered a helping hand.

"At first I was down, and now I'm excited," Smith said. "People you wouldn’t think would help are helping-- people we don’t even know. I thank God for that."

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