Jaguars Dede Westbrook surprises Jacksonville student after tweet goes viral

It was a great day at Terry Parker High School

GF Default - Dede Westbrook surprises student at Terry Parker High School
GF Default - Dede Westbrook surprises student at Terry Parker High School

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Dede Westbrook paid a visit to Terry Parker High School on Tuesday to surprise a big fan.

It all started when Javel Espino spotted the football star at Burrito Gallery in Jacksonville on Sunday after the game. Even though Espino wanted a photo with Westbrook, he noticed Westbrook was with family and didn’t want to bother him. So he respectfully left the star alone to enjoy his meal and tweeted about the sighting.

“Chillen at Burrito Gallery and I see Dede Westbrook Jags WR ordering food. I want a picture with him but he’s with his family and I don’t want to bother him.”

Espino’s tweet was retweeted by Westbrook on Monday, who was appreciative that he respected his time with his family.

“I really appreciate you for respecting the fact that I was with my family!! Let me know where you are today and I’ll pull up on you so we can get that picture!”

The retweet received more than 76,000 likes and was shared more than 4,000 times.

On Tuesday, Westbrook surprised Espino at school. He also gave the student two tickets to the next Jaguars game, a shirt and a Burrito Gallery gift card.

“So glad I was able to pull up at his high school today and show him the same respect he showed me and my family,” Westbrook tweeted. “Shout out to my new friend. I appreciate you more than you know, man."

Comments poured in on social media, with everyone praising how Westbrook responded.

“You the man Dede," Justin wrote.

“Nice. Man of your word,” Jessica said.

“Dede, you are a class act. So glad you are Sooner fam,” Nick said.

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