Greenwood High School gives seniors a sign graduation is approaching

For many high school seniors, the coronavirus outbreak has put an end to many of the senior traditions they've spent years planning for. But many teachers are making sure their students know, they're not forgotten, or alone. News4Jax reporter Lena Pringle joins us LIVE to show us how one school is sending a *SIGN to show its students they're not forgotten.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The spring semester for high school seniors is defined by the celebration of prom, senior trips, and the electric feeling that graduation is approaching, the culmination of 13 years of schooling, soon to come to end.

During the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s seniors will never have those life experiences to add to their own history books since several of the events have been postponed or outright canceled.

Greenwood High School Administrators said they felt compelled to provide a special experience to show graduating seniors, there is still so much to be excited about.

“I want them to carry forward with them that my school cared about me enough to just come out and take some time to spend with me,” said Dr. Anthony Mortimer, Greenwood School Head of School.

Greenwood School specializes in multi-sensory learning, making it a highly desired option for students with learning differences. It was an added motivation for administrators to let students know how proud of them they are.

“Every chance we get to make a big deal of them, they have earned that and we want to make sure they have those memories to carry forward with them,” said Mortimer.

Teachers are going to students' homes to deliver yard signs. The signs congratulate seniors with the message “We’re Proud of You!” displayed in large letters.

Grace Dudley was one of the first seniors to get the sign.

“I thought, ‘Oh so that’s what this was’. I was told to get up early and get dressed and I’m like ‘O.K. What is this?’ And then they gave me all my graduation swag so that’s really cool,” she said.

The school will continue to deliver these signs and packages, going door-to-door throughout the rest of this week and next week. Grace said she’s excited for others to receive theirs.

“This is really an awesome experience, especially like with how cooped up I’ve been in the house,” Grace said.