How to protect your home from storm damage

How to protect your home from water damage
How to protect your home from water damage

FOLKSTON, Ga. – It’s never a bad time to make sure your home is prepared for a hurricane. And even though budgets are tight, there are plenty of things you can do now to minimize storm damage.

Let’s start with trees and limbs that may be too close for comfort. Those that are safely within reach from the ground are easy. Getting ladders involved? This is best left to professionals, but if you have a spotter, sturdy support and a good ladder, you might be able to tackle some of these. Handsaws take more time and energy, but are safer than chain saws. For smaller limbs, pruning shears and trimmers could work.

Rain is another issue as water is relentless for causing damage. From leaky roofs to foundation undermining, water left uncontrolled could lead to costly repairs. Gutters are the easiest way to divert rainwater from the perimeter of your home. However, if it collects near or along your house, water may try to make it inside as levels rise. From the down spouts, try to contain the flow to a safe distance; a minimum of six feet is recommended. This can be accomplished with gutter extensions or splash diverters. Trenching can also help accomplish this without the extra costs. Simply dig a trench six to 10 inches deep and make sure the fall or flow moves away from your house. To make sure you have the correct fall or flow, use a level.

Once the heavy lifting is done, do a walk-around and secure outside furniture, kids’ toys and those trampolines. Debris or even your favorite chaise lounge could become a flying projectile.

With these steps and some helpful tips from your neighborhood Ace Hardware, you can minimize damage in the event something tropical comes our way.

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