Get to know Jaguars fan who 'steals the show'

News4Jax finds die-hard fan in time for start of Jacksonville Jaguars season

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – News4Jax reporter Scott Johnson finally reunited Thursday with the Jacksonville Jaguars fan who appeared in a WJXT interview that went viral, spreading the phrase "steal the show."

After a five-month long search, Johnson was able to track down Roberta Anne Montgomery and find out more about the woman who sparked #stealtheshow after tips flooded into the newsroom. 

Johnson's goal was to find Montgomery before the start of the season Sunday and, finally, one tip led him straight to her. 

"Roberta! I have been looking for you for awhile. Do you remember me?" Johnson said. "You've been on the news all week."

"I've been good at that all my life, but never at this magnitude," Montgomery said. 

Montgomery then told News4Jax a little bit more about herself. 

"I guess I'm more of an entertainer. I've come from a family that's been pretty publicly, or socially, active. So I guess that's where I get my mouth from," Montgomery said. "I'm just trying to keep a low profile."

"Well, you haven't been doing a good job of keeping a low profile," Johnson told her. 

"Well, I want to do something with it. If there's something I could do, let me know Jacksonville. I'm proud of Jacksonville," Montgomery said. 

Montgomery said she wasn't too impressed that she coined the iconic catchphrase "steal the show."

"Well, yes. No. It's just a normal thing, something I would say and you caught it," Montgomery said.

Johnson then inquired more into her beach house in Miami that was actually "a few minutes" from the beach. 

"I've lived in several places in South Florida, but I don't own it anymore," Montgomery said. 

Montgomery said she's been a Jacksonville sports fan for awhile and has lived in the city for most of her life. She said she was also a big fan of the Jacksonville Bulls, the old USFL football team, and the Tea Men, the old soccer team, both of which pre-dated the Jaguars. 

"What do you think of the Jaguars this year?" Johnson asked.

"I think they're going to do well," Montgomery said. "I love them."

The story began back in May when Johnson was walking through downtown Jacksonville near the Landing, looking for people to interview about a report that said the Jaguars had gotten the best NFL draft picks.

Montgomery was sitting near the pavilion and called out to Scott that she had some thoughts and would like to speak about it.

Johnson walked over to Montgomery and asked if she had been surprised to hear the Jaguars reportedly got the best draft picks.

WATCH: Jaguars fan 'steals the show' in interview

"Certainly not," Montgomery said. "The first year, we took it to the limit. And I was in Miami with my new beach house. Well, it was a couple minutes from the beach."

"It's been 20 years since then. We haven't been too strong in the last few years," Johnson told her.

"Oh we've been strong. We're just playing by the rules. You can't have a newcomer come in and steal the show," Montgomery said.

After Montgomery and Scott's reunion came to an end Thursday, they hugged and a took a selfie together.