Mark Brunell: Yes, Colts are bad, but Jaguars dominate

Blake Bortles' impressive as Jacksonville win 8th game of season

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jaguars improved their record to 8-4 against the Colts Sunday in a 30-10 butt kicking.  The Jags swept the Andrew Luck-less Colts in 2017 with a 57-10 score differential.  

Yes, the Colts are really bad and this game shouldn't have surprised anybody. Coming off a disappointing loss to the Cardinals, the Jags hit the reset button, regained their focus and beat a team that had no business being in the game. The Colts sit at the bottom of the AFC South at 3-9. 

There really wasn't much to this football game other than the Jaguars completely dominating in all three phases: offense, defense and special teams. What should be noted, however, was the impressive play of Blake Bortles. Blake enjoyed one of his most productive days as a Jaguar throwing for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.

 Blake now has two 300-plus-yard games this season, both against the Colts. Blake also completed close to 75% of his passes with zero interceptions. Zero.

After watching Bortles through 12 games this season, it's very clear our quarterback can be very good under certain game conditions. When the Jaguars get off to a good start or have a comfortable lead in the 4th quarter, Bortles is efficient. He looks confident and comfortable when its obvious the game is ours.

Unfortunately, when the Jags are in a tight game or the pressure is on the offense late, our QB struggles. Poor decisions are made and poor throws are the result. My hope is that in the near future Blake has the opportunity to shine when his team needs him the most. It very well could be next week against a solid Seattle team.

If, and when, Blake puts the team on his shoulders and finds a way to win a game late, I believe it will be a turning point for Bortles.

In the NFL, most championship teams need two components: solid defense and a quarterback that can win a game for you. Clearly, the defense is there. The question is: how far can #5 take this franchise?  After very good days like Sunday, I believe our quarterback has the potential to become everything Jaguar fans are hoping for.  

The regular season is quickly coming to a close.  Before we know it, the battle for the AFC South crown will be here as we take on the Titans.  That game can't come soon enough.  

It feels great knowing that in the month of December, the Jaguars control their own destiny. Win out and we're in! Next week is a huge test for our football team. The Hawks are coming to town.  Let's get to 9-4.  

Go Jags!