Claret Jug makes a stop at Top Golf

The British Open trophy is the oldest in golf


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Claret Jug made a stop in Jackonville Wednesday night at Top Golf.

The trophy is the oldest in golf and is on a seven city tour promoting the Open Championship in July.

Dr. Tony Parker, the historian at the World Golf Village, says its a rare opportunity for the First Coast.

"It's huge," Parker said. "Millions watch the Open on television but they don't get to stand next to The Claret Jug and have their picture taken with it. Next to the World Cup its the oldest sports trophy in the world."

Parker says the biggest surprise for the people lucky enough to see the trophy is how small it is in comparison to other golf trophies.

"Compared to the Wannamaker Trophy (PGA Championship) which weighs 26 pounds The Claret Jug weighs only five pounds four ounces," Parker explained. "But its made out of silver. It might not look like much but it's worth a bunch."