Jalen Ramsey on missing voluntary camp: 'I'll be ready when it's time'

Pro Bowl corner was called out by Tom Coughlin for skipping camp

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jaguars Pro Bowl cornerback Jalen Ramsey doesn’t need a definition. 

He knows when he’s asked to be somewhere and required to be somewhere. 

On Friday, Ramsey responded to team vice president Tom Coughlin’s suggestions that players missing out on voluntary minicamp weren’t fully committed to the team and the process. Nevermind that players weren’t required to attend minicamp, hence the word, “voluntary” participation. 

Ramsey said on Twitter: “Fully aware” & “voluntary” meaning I don’t HAVE to be there BUT they know the EXACT REASONS I am not. My teammates know it’s ALL love & know I’ll be ready when it’s time.”

Coughlin stirred the pot on Thursday’s annual State of the Franchise event when he said, “We’re close to 100 percent attendance, and quite frankly, all our players should be here.”

That went over about as well as you would imagine, with Coughlin, an old school disciplinarian who doesn't think much of the word voluntary. His comments rub up against the NFL's collective bargaining agreement when it comes to player participation at non-mandatory events. It drew a Twitter response on the definition of what is required by NFLPA president Eric Winston, and Coughlin was largely skewered for the commentary. 

It doesn't help that Ramsey, a two-time Pro Bowler who was an All-Pro in 2017, hasn't missed a game since he entered the league and is regarded as one of the best corners in the league. 

Ramsey worked out in Nashville with his father last year and also skipped the voluntary minicamp. It didn’t matter that he was absent. Ramsey played in every game and had 65 tackles and three interceptions and made the Pro Bowl, a bright spot in a dismal Jaguars season.