No trash-talking QBs this offseason for Jalen Ramsey

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jalen Ramsey may think the same things that he’s always thought, but he’s not saying the publicly anymore. 

Ramsey, who sounded much more grounded during Jaguars minicamp earlier this month, kept that same tone going Monday during a podcast with ESPN’s Adam Schefter. 

Remember last year when Ramsey napalmed just about every quarterback he could think of during an interview with GQ Magazine? 

But 2019 Jalen? Not taking the bait. 

Dare we say, that Jalen’s more subdued and relaxed and mature? 

“I’m growing man. It’s year four for me. It’s a different me. A lot of people think they know me. They really don’t know me. But hey, that’s OK.”

Ramsey said that he’s maturing, that he’s really a nice guy, and that he’s not going to rehash that infamous GQ article that proved a gift that kept on giving throughout a forgettable 5-11 season. 

“I’m not going to do this again but, we do play some good QBs this year, of course, but probably the QB I’m most excited for is Nick Foles,” Ramsey said. “Don’t have to play against him. He is my teammate. He is a great teammate. The few interactions we’ve had has been great.”

That 2018 segment gave us gems like these below.

• “I think [Buffalo Bills draft pick Josh] Allen is trash. I don't care what nobody say. He's trash. And it's gonna show too. That's a stupid draft pick to me.”

• “Jared Goff, he's average to above average. He reminds me of Jimmy Garoppolo a little bit. Year one, he wasn't good.”

• “Big Ben [Roethlisberger], I think he's decent at best.”

Allen beat the Jaguars. Goff took the Rams to the Super Bowl. Roethlisberger threw a touchdown pass with 2:36 left to beat the Jaguars, 20-16.

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