FHSAA to consider 3 schedule plans for fall sports


High schools in Florida are still waiting to learn when fall sports can begin practicing, and the FHSAA will soon discuss three plans that could dramatically change the calendar.

It’s important to note that these aren’t yet full proposals. Think of them as suggestions for plans that will need to be discussed. The FHSAA Board requested that the FHSAA staff gather input from various committees and then present some options.

The first plan would have practices starting on Aug. 24. This is the current start date, although the FHSAA board will meet before then to consider any changes to the schedule.

Under the plan, games would begin the week of Sept. 7, and state playoffs would be held as scheduled. Any games that would be missed would be excused, but teams could reschedule if they wish. This amounts to a one month push back of the original schedule that would have had teams beginning fall practices this past Monday.

The second option would push practices back sometime after August. That could mean September or something even later than that. Games would then begin two weeks after practices are approved to start.

That would mean no state playoffs, which is a big sticking point for a lot of coaches, parents, and athletes, as well as the FHSAA. Remember, most of the revenue for the FHSAA comes from the state playoffs. The plan would allow for regional or local tournaments to run after Thanksgiving, but the fall season would have to end -- as it is scheduled to currently -- by Dec. 12.

Finally, the third option would push the start of fall sports back to Nov. 30, with games beginning two weeks later. That would cram the regular season into a five week stretch beginning Dec. 14 and ending Jan. 23. However, this would include the state playoffs. This plan would also push back the start dates for winter sports to mid-February and spring sports to late April.

The FHSAA Board will next meet on Aug. 14.

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