High school football players return to practice Monday

JACKSONVILLE, FLA – On Aug. 24, high school football players across the state will hit the field for their first practice of the season.

Earlier this month the FHSAA approved a plan allowing fall sports to begin. That plan went against the recommendation of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

Dr. Jennifer Maynard is a member of the FHSAA’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee said “I think the most important thing that our sports medicine advisory committee was really pushing for was to be able to wait and see what the transition rates look like when schools are back in session.”

Maynard says that even though the FHSAA did not that the SMAC committee’s recommendation superintendents across the state have reached out to ask questions about falls sports.

“I have had several other superintendents and athletics directors reach out about certain numbers in their area so it seems like at least at that community-level they are interested in our advice and what we have to say.”

When student-athletes return to sports some may choose to wear a mask while they practice. Dr. Maynard says wearing a mask would help slow the transmission of COVID-19 but did note that the athletes would need to allow their body to adjust.

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