Trevor Lawrence Topps football cards have a family feel to them

Trevor Lawrence not the only member of his family with talent

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It is not uncommon for NFL players to see their faces on trading cards.

But for Trevor Lawrence, this trading card set is special. It includes some cards designed by his brother, Chase, and his sister in-in-law, Brooke. The cards, released by Topps, were made available to the general public on April 21. They are currently sold out, although several auctions on ebay have Lawrence boxes up for sale. Prices range from $139 up to $1,099 for a five-box lot.

Both Chase and Brooke are professional artists.

This isn’t the first time that Lawrence has been the subject of their artwork.

Back in 2019, Lawrence filled in as a model for this series of life-sized oil paintings that the couple had been commissioned to paint. Trevor donned a monk’s wardrobe for the painting, and even grabbed the grapefruit instead of the skull depicted in the picture.

Amanda Lawrence, Trevor and Chase’s mother, told ESPN that when she saw Trevor posing for the painting all she could do was laugh.

VIDEO: Trevor Lawrence is the football player of his family, but he has an older brother who has a talent of his own.

“It was the perfect scene to walk into; Chase doing something weird and kinda creepy and Trevor there, right by his side, chilling,” she said. “They both inspire each other and have a lot of influence over each other in a positive way, and it’s really sweet to see.”

The latest work that the brothers have combined on is Lawrence’s trading card set with Topps. That includes 20 cards designed by Chase and Brooke.

These cards are inspired by “psychedelic period pieces from the 1960s and ’70s as well as classic comic book and graphic novel illustrations.”

The unique card set is sold out but Lawrence fans that were able to get their hands on a pack will have an artistic treasure that combines the talents of two brothers.

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