These videos of kids imitating Olympic athletes are too cute

Gold medals all around! (Jo Street via Storyful)

The Summer Olympics might be over, but these little kids were inspired by the athletes they saw on TV, and they are ready to compete in future games.

If you grew up watching the Olympics, you probably remember seeing the greatest athletes in the world being extraordinary, and looking up to them. Well, the same goes for little kids now who got to watch Suni Lee tumble her way to Olympic glory.

Thanks to social media, parents captured and shared their kids imitating the famous athletes while the Olympics were going on, and obviously, the videos are adorable.

So, without further ado, here are some videos of kids showing why they are about to be the next Olympic champions.

After watching the gymnasts do their thing, this little girl is ready for the mat!

Allyson Felix who? These little girls are ready to tear up the track.

Did anyone else watch the canoeing and kayaking during the Olympics? How cool was that?

We’ve got another future gymnast on our hands!

Seriously, we better see all these kids doing flips and tricks in a few years.

Did you catch the new speed climbing event in Tokyo? This kid is onto a great start, climbing up the refrigerator.

This toddler is doing a mashup of gymnastics and climbing, and you know what? We’re here for it!

And, last but certainly not least, this little one who is, hands down, the strongest baby on earth.

Golds for everyone!

All videos via Storyful.

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