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Still not seeing Channel 4 or CW17 after rescan?

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One day after “Rescan Your TV Day" in Jacksonville, many viewers who use an antenna to watch WJXT-Channel 4 and WCWJ-Channel 17 have rescanned your televisions to continue receiving our programming. If you haven’t yet or tried and had an issue, read on.

The Federal Communications Commission required WJXT, CW17 and a thousand other TV stations nationwide to move to new digital frequencies to make room for 5G and other mobile broadband services. In Jacksonville, that change took place at 10 a.m. Thursday, and we’re happy to report that WJXT and CW17 successfully transitioned to those new frequencies.

We thank all of our viewers who have already rescanned your TVs. We’re also aware that a small number of people in our outlying viewing areas, such as Palm Coast, Palatka and South Georgia, experienced some problems picking up our signals on the new frequencies. On Friday, our broadcasting engineers make some adjustments to the signal strength and switched to a different transmitting antenna to try and address those issued.

Of more than 70 people who had contacted us with issues in the first 24 hours after the switch, the station has been back in touch with more than 30 and found that the adjustments to the transmission had solved their problem. We are in the process of connection with everyone who contacted the station with an issue. A team is also coming to town Monday to take single-strength reading throughout the viewing area to see if more adjustments are needed.

If you use an antenna to watch Channel 4 and CW17 and still haven’t rescanned your TVs, you can do so at any time. You will need to rescan each television or converter box in your house that uses an antenna. Click here to learn how to rescan.

If you rescanned and your TV is still missing Channel 4, Channel 17 or both, try adjusting your antenna and rescan one more time. If you are still missing our channels, send an email to engineer@wjxt.com with your name, your address (including city, because where you live may make a difference) and a daytime phone number.

If you subscribe to a pay-TV service, such as cable or satellite, you do not need to do anything.

There are answers to frequently asked rescan questions on our website.

Additionally, the FCC has provided a variety of online materials to assist viewers in the re-scan process. Information, including an instructional video, a transition schedule and frequently asked questions is available at fcc.gov/tvrescan.

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