This high-tech bed comes with TV attached and we're here for it

Like you needed another reason to binge-watch Netflix

Photo: Hi-Interiors
Photo: Hi-Interiors

If you are a binge watcher, this might be the perfect bed for you.

The HiBed, crafted by the Italian designers with Hi-Interiors, is a canopy-style bed that comes with a 70-inch screen, high-tech projector and cutting-edge speakers.

In other words, there's a new way to Netflix and chill.

The bed also keeps track of your sleep patterns, your weight and monitors the room temperature. It even has a night light for those of you binge-watching scary movies.

And for those who like to work in bed, there’s something for you too -- an overhead lamp and a detachable tray to set your belongings on.

This smart bed will only set you back about $13,000, so start saving. And you've got time because it’s not available just yet. But you can pre-order it now.