Country Music Superfest Weather Forecast

There is some good news

Forecast models have turned wetter on Sunday
Forecast models have turned wetter on Sunday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Forecast models have turned on "Dad".  They have become somewhat wetter in terms of Sunday.  This morning and Sunday morning will be beautiful!  Warm temperatures and sunny skies will dominate.  So, early on, prep up with sunscreen, whether heading out to the Superfest or Beach or Backyard or Fishing or...

Sunny skies, will heat the atmosphere up and thundershowers will begin to develop rapidly after 2pm both today and Sunday.  The difference between the two afternoons will be the length of time the storms hang around.  Storms will hang around longer on Sunday afternoon.  But, today they will move-in and move-out rapidly, which means if there are any weather delays, they will be brief.  Short enough that you can head to shelter then go back to your seat (if at the Superfest).

Meanwhile, Sunday, the storms will be back, but slower moving which will cause a larger delay in your Father's Day plans.  Rebecca has your back this weekend!  She starts at 7AM both days.

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