Long string of hot weather dominates this week

Heat index values topping 105-110 degrees


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The July fry is on as temperatures jump into the upper 90s over our area this week and heat index values become dangerous.

Nelly was right, "it's gettin' hot in here!" In fact, it's going to be downright oppressive so precautionary measures are certainly going to be needed heading all the way through the upcoming weekend.

The hottest temperature recorded this summer so far occured back on June 25th at 99 degrees. While it is possible we could touch 99 later this week, it is not likely we'll reach 100 in the city of Jacksonville proper. If we did touch 100, and "if" is a big word -- IF a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump its bottom -- then it would be the hottest day in 6 years in the city.

The culprit of the heat is a large ridge in the west Atlantic that will continue to expand to the west over the state and join forces with a ridge over Texas. When combined, widespread subsidence will take over squashing the chance of rain and inflating the heat.

Heat index values will become dangerous this week, especially for inland locations where temperatures will be at their hottest. Values between 105 and 110 degrees will be common place nearly every day this week.

While there is currently no heat advisories in effect across our viewing area, the National Weather Service may indeed issue some later this week. Extreme caution is urged if you're planning to be outside in the heat of the day.

When it comes to the weather and in the in-laws there's three things you want to know: when are they coming, how bad is it going to be and when are they leaving, right? 

The coming part has already happened, folks. We're in the thick of it. It's going to be bad but not incredible. Temperatures along the beach will be in the low 90s this week, the city of Jacksonville will see mid and upper 90s and inland locations along I-75 and inland southeast Georgia could near or exceed 100.  

Finally, most importantly, when is it leaving and right now it appears as though early next week may offer some reprieve as the ridge breaks down and we get back to a seasonal pattern with highs in the lower 90s with afternoon storms likely.

The best way to beat the heat will to just stay out of it completely if possible. If your hand is forced to be outside, wear light colored and light weight clothing. Drink plenty of water and stay in the shade when possible. Keep in mind that the air temperature is recorded in the shade. So while it may be 97 degrees in the shade, it's going to feel much hotter in the sun. Finally, wear your sunscreen. 

We still have a long summer ahead so settle in folks, we're just getting started as ''Ugh''-ust (August) is still 3 weeks away.