St. Augustine hosts 'Keeping History Above Water' conference

Daily flooding expected to hit parts of the Ancient City by 2040

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Hundreds of experts on sea level rise will pour into St. Augustine this weekend in the hopes of forming a strategy to protect the Oldest City from rising seas.

A flooded city might seem hard to envision, but most scientists agree that the sea level is rising. Despite uncertainty about how fast it's rising, the city expects areas that currently experience nuisance flooding will see daily flooding with high tides by 2040.

Given the growing threat of rising seas, the Keeping History Above Water conference will explore the impacts of sea level rise on coastal and riverside communities, as well as cultural resources through the lens of time.

The goal is to develop policies, programs and projects that will address this threat over the next two decades.

Starting on Sunday, those experts will meet at the Casa Monica Hotel and Spa, where they'll hopefully put together a plan to preserve St. Augustine for years to come.

All of the slots for the conference are filled up, but there is still room for those who’d like to attend the public event on Sunday.

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