Much-needed rain heading our way by the middle of the week

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks wet on Wednesday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Much-needed rain will be heading our way and our driest areas, inland Southeastern Georgia, will see the heaviest rainfall. The rain chances will increase on Tuesday for Southeast Georgia and on Wednesday morning for Northeast Florida. 

September was drier than average for us, leading to moderate to severe drought conditions for Southeast Georgia and areas near I-10 10 in Northeast  Florida. 

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Inland, Southeast Georgia stands to get about an inch of rain starting on Tuesday, as waves of rain and an occasional thunderstorm will push through. The rainfall will be later and lighter for Northeast Florida, starting on Wednesday morning and only adding up to amounts between a quarter-inch and a half-inch. 


Chances for rain start to climb on Tuesday for inland Southeast Georgia, but the heaviest rain will pass just to the north of our area, a little north of Waycross and Alma. The clouds and showers will hold daytime temperatures in the 70s, while more clear skies across Northeast Florida will make for temperatures in the 80s. 

Overnight Tuesday, a few rounds of showers will sweep across Southeast Georgia. As we approach sunrise, we will see a round or two of rain making its way across Northeast Florida, particularly inland counties. 

Wednesday starts out wet for most, with a few waves of showers sweeping through by midday and into the afternoon hours. The cold front behind the wet weather pushes through Wednesday evening, drying us out and cooling us down.

The cool-down

Behind the rain, cooler drier air rushes across our area. Winds will shift to be out of the north. This will kick off about 48 hours of fall weather, with temperatures dipping into the upper 50s and low 60s on Thursday and Friday morning. Temperatures will only warm up into the upper 70s and low 80s for the afternoon hours. 

Our brief spurt of fall wraps up by the weekend, when we will see cloudier skies, a few showers and seasonal temperatures climbing into the low to mid-80s. 

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