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Weekend weather changes from sun to storms to rainbows and spectacular sunsets

Jacksonville is in the middle of a wet - stormy August pattern

Weekend rainbows possible, look east after big rains, sunset is at 8:15 p.m.
Weekend rainbows possible, look east after big rains, sunset is at 8:15 p.m.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Isaias is a distant memory as our local weather has been super stormy each and every afternoon since Isaias moved into the Northeast. Isaias dumped 2-7″ in the mountains of the Northeast and left the Coastal areas with millions without power at one point or another on Monday. Meanwhile, after passing about 100 miles east of Jacksonville, Isaias left barely a trace, literally, nothing here in Jacksonville.

Instead, heavy downpours have been erupting over the skies every day, with one severe hail event in Western Duval County on Tuesday, to a stormy widespread area of rain and showers and even rainbows and a spectacular sunset on Friday.

Now this is summer in Florida!

Kinda, as we get into August we make a subtle transition from afternoon intense lightning storms to a more general showers/downpours by the end of the month. And guess what? The more tropical storms and hurricanes develop, often times we dry out (as long as they don’t come here). The reason? High pressure protects us and dries us out.

But that’s not happening this weekend.

Both Saturday and Sunday will see a beautiful sunrise around 6:50 a.m. followed by sunny, steamy to very warm morning’s. Then as skies build up, they will darken and rains will once again fall. Expect a few severe storms, mainly for those who live either side of the St. Johns River and or I-95. Sunrise temperatures start in the low 70s and warm quickly to highs in the low 90s. Feel-like highs (around 1 p.m.) will be in the low 100s.

Sunset will be 8:15 p.m., make sure to give a look out to the east for a rainbow, or double and for a spectacular sunset too!

The rainy/umbrella days are here for the foreseeable future, which also means there is not much cooking in the tropics. I love this, might have to take a day off soon.

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