Fall temperatures tonight! Time to find some sleeves

48 hours of Florida fall starts now

Cool start Wednesday- 50s and 60s!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On the first day of official fall, we are uncharacteristically participating with cool, crisp temperatures. This will undoubtedly spur a frenzy of Florida fall behaviors such as backyard fire pits blazing, the smell of pumpkin-spiced stuff in the air, the search for clothing with sleeves, and social media posts about all of these behaviors.

We don’t get much of a fall season, but we sure know how to take advantage of the spurts of cooler temperatures when they arrive. If this stretch off cooler temperatures occurred over the weekend, it would surely kick off the family pumpkin patch pictures.

Warning: It is not a “boots weather” round of fall temperatures. We are still well into sweaty toes territory for daytime temperatures. Also probably a little early for a big pot of chili.

Today will be breezy with temperatures topping out around 80° at their warmest. As you plan your pumpkin spiced coffee run you can leave the umbrella in the car as any chance for rain is isolated.

This evening, temperatures slip out of the mid-70s after 6 p.m, making it perfect to open the windows or strike up the fire pit -- but not both at the same time! The smoke smell in your house takes a looooooong time to go away.

Our overnight temperatures will be crisp and cool, with upper 50s over inland southeastern Georgia, low 60s in coastal southeastern Georgia and inland northeastern Florida. Along I-95 in Florida, we will see mid-60s. Our southern, coastal counties will get down into the upper 60s and low 70s.

Wednesday will be a tad warmer, with temperatures climbing into the low to mid-80s during the afternoon hours under partly cloudy skies. Wednesday night cools down quite nicely into the mid to upper 60s.

Thursday the Fall feeling erodes a bit during the afternoon as we warm into the mid-80s, but Friday really finishes it off as we top out in the upper 80s. Throw rain in the mix for the weekend and we are back in our flip flops and humidity proof ponytails until the next round of Florida fall!

Short spurt of Fall temperatures