Life hacks you need to know


Hate it when you make a phone call and keep getting an automated person? Go to gethuman.com and learn what to press to speak directly to a real person at that company.

Spill something on your carpet? Immediately pour salt into it, rub it in and wait a few hours and then vacuum it out.

Forgot where you parked? Simply place your key under your chin, which amplifies the signal's range. You will be able to hear the beep from farther away.

Zipper stuck? Rub graphite from the lead of a pencil onto the zipper and it loosens up.

Toilet clogged and no plunger? Add liquid soap; let it soak for five minutes and flush. If it still doesn't work try again but with hot water.

Marks and scratches on your wood floors or furniture? Just rub a walnut on the wood to be restored.

Also if you get ink stains on your clothes, simply put hand sanitizer on your clothes to dissolve the ink then throw them into the wash. And if you are watching a DVD but sick of the commercials, press stop twice then play to go straight to the movie.