Movie Review: 'The Circle' lacks depth and pace

Emma Watson dulls, Tom Hanks shines


The Circle (PG-13)

Mae (Emma Watson), a young woman, gets a job at The Circle, one of the most sought-after tech companies in the country. Mae struggles to perform well, while taking care of her sick father and spending time with her childhood friend.

Mae shifts all of her attention to work and her performance soars. She also learns that the expansion of The Circle may violate privacy rights, but doesn't stand against it until a friend dies.

Despite the storyline, this movie is underwhelming and boring.Tom Hanks is a solid actor as usual, but he's not enough to carry this movie. The only thought-provoking aspect of this movie is privacy laws and the current level of access social media companies have right now. This is not a suspenseful thriller. This is a drama.

Watson's performance is dull. Wait for the DVD to come out, this movie isn't worth the trip to the theater. 

Grade: C-