Jacksonville artists showcased in pop-up gallery at the Cummer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A pop-up gallery at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens will showcase the work of Jacksonville-area artists will embracing the theme of nature.

The pandemic has upended many kinds of businesses, museums included. As a result, the Cummer had to pivot to give guests the best possible experience. Now that the museum is back open, visitors have a chance to see many new pieces of art.

Lili Yuan is one of three local artists whose work is featured in a exhibit at the Cummer, a nature-themed pop-up gallery that allows guests to explore messages from a variety of pieces.

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“I think the most emotion I want people to fill is organic and in the wild,” Yuan said. “That’s why I put a lot of textures on each pieces this time, tried to let people feel…the power of the nature.”

The gallery is in support of a major exhibition known as Cross Pollination.

“It reminds people they’re part of a bigger system and that they have a role in it to play,” said Crystal Floyd, another artist featured in the gallery. “If everyone just kind of waits around for someone else to do it, we’re going to be in an even worse position than what we’re in now.”

Floyd and Yaun’s works are joined by that of Dustin Harewood, a third local artist.

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