Food that may be causing your body odor


Body odor and bad breath: we shower and brush our teeth daily to avoid it, but there are some surprising things that can leave you stinky without you even knowing it.

No matter what you put on, what you put in your body could be causing you to stink; starting with red meat.  Meat takes a long time to digest and the toxins get secreted through the pores.  This can lead to a foul smelling body odor.  Try cutting back and replacing it with seafood or veggies.

And for those who have embraced the low-carb diet, it can lead to bad breath.  A quick fix is to incorporate low-carb fruits, veggies, nuts, and beans. 

Another bad breath maker can be  chewing gum.  Sugar-free gum has low calorie sweeteners that can leave a film in the mouth for bacteria to live on.

It's not news that garlic and onions can make breath smell bad, but did you know that you can emit garlic for up to 48 hours after eating it?  To diffuse the situation, try cooking them in water, which makes them less pungent.