Cellphone use can keep you from becoming intimate with your partner

Digital age has created barriers to romance


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Every day technology becomes more of a barrier to true intimacy among couples.

"There are unique challenges to relationships in this digital age," according to Dr. Noelle Pomery, a clinical sexologist and licensed mental health counselor at the University North Florida.  

She said couples are spending less time together without distraction. Pomeroy appeared on "The Morning Show" and talked about ways to overcome these barriers.

"I suggest that couples make specific times of their day free of technology," she said. This allows more eye-to-eye contact and re-connection with their partners. 

In addition to technology getting in the way of productive time for couples, more communication is happening via text. Pomeroy said this is a "problematic way to communicate because there isn't any emotion involved." This leads to misunderstanding, misinformation and can cause conflict.

Pomeroy's advice is to communicate the old fashioned way: Put down the cellphone and talk!

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