Women winning the battle with food addiction


NEW YORK, New York – Two women who are fighting the fat within, are sharing their stories about facing their addiction to food and winning their battle.

Lacole Broadus used to be more than 200 pounds. The 36-year-old mother of three now eats healthy and organic, but the real game changer wasn't what went in her stomach, but what went on in her head.

"I just decided that I'm worth it, and I'm worth the time and once I got over that mental hurdle the rest was a lot easier," she said.

Broadus plans her meals, six of them, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three healthy snacks. She packs meals to avoid temptation while out, and she exercises.

"It is more mental than anything else so I would speak to myself during the process and say no you are better than this and you can do it," explained Broadus.

36-year-old Shanna Fried had to talk to herself too, to stay away from her addiction to fast food.

"I'm not going to go there. I'm not going to do it. It's not going to happen, you know if I do it now I'm going to want it again," Fried said.

And the type of food Fried was eating was causing her to crave even more.  Highly palatable foods rich in sugar, fat and salt trigger feel-good chemicals in the brain such as dopamine and often cause people to quickly feel the need to eat again. This was rock bottom for Shanna Fried five years ago. She was nearly 300 pounds. Weight was an issue all her life, but no more.

"Something just went off in my head. I found something that I love," said Fried.

It was boxing. Back when she was nearly 300 pounds she took a class, which was the beginning of her journey. Her tip is to start by finding one exercise you enjoy.

Fried is now a personal trainer. Broadus started Fitness Compulsion personal training and she takes part in fitness competitions.

They satisfy cravings by taking a bite or eating an occasional small treat, but they keep splurges in check.

"I think the fight always continues but the fight becomes easier," said Fried.

These two women are fighting the fat within and winning.

The signs of food addiction include eating more than you planned, you keep eating even if you're no longer hungry, you eat to the point of feeling ill, you worry about not eating certain types of foods and when those foods are not available, you go out of your way to obtain them.