Holy cow! Where to celebrate National Burger Day 🍔

See where your favorite News4JAX team member likes to chow down and let us know what your favorite local spot is. (Copyright 2023 by WJXT News4JAX - All rights reserved.)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Get ready to unleash your inner carnivore because National Burger Day is sizzling its way onto the calendar once again!

It’s that glorious day of the year when the heavens rain down succulent patties, fluffy buns, and a symphony of toppings that could make a food critic weak in the knees. Whether you’re a seasoned burger aficionado or just a casual muncher, this day is your golden ticket to a world of delicious indulgence. From towering monstrosities that require an advanced degree in burger engineering to the humble classic that’s been flipping taste buds for generations, National Burger Day is a celebration that unites us all. So, slap on your bibs, sharpen your ketchup-squirting skills, and let’s give a juicy salute to the patty that’s not just a meal – it’s an experience!

JaxBest - Jacksonville’s best burger: Carolina Jax | The Best of the Rest

Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia are blessed to be home to some of the best burger joints around. So, whether you’re up in Brunswick, all the way out in the 386 or holding down the fort in Flagler County, we wanted to know where the best local burger joints are in our area.

The News4JAX Team will get this party started with their suggestions. You can tell us your favorite spots in the comment section below or shoot us an email at Insider@wjxt.com.

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🍔 Kent Justice: I’ve been big on M Shack’s offerings for a long time. I’m not exclusive, but usually, I’ll get this: CROSS-FIT BURGER - NO BUN, two beef patties, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, peppers & onions, lettuce, tomato, sunny side Egg. It’s gluten-free + sub beef for two chicken breasts. HOWEVER – something recently has drawn me to a Midwest staple, some serious comfort fast food: Culver’s. The Pepper Grinder Pub Burger gets its name from a flavor-packed peppercorn mayo blend, which is spread across a savory everything bun. Atop the beef burger, two slices of crispy, smoked bacon offer a delicious contrast with the richness of Swiss and Cheddar cheese slices.

🍔 Jamal St. Cry: Benchwarmers. Love their burgers. My favorite place to grab lunch.

🍔 Katie Garner: I’m big on the burger sliders at The Garage in Riverside- unreal, could eat them daily.

🍔 Richard Nunn: Pinegrove Market Deli

🍔 Bruce Hamilton: Best burger? Gotta go with the gastropub gourmet burgers served at the place named for the talented and troubled author Edgar Allen Poe in Atlantic Beach – Poe’s Tavern. A delish half-pound burger. I get the Gold Bug with melted Swiss cheese and mushrooms and pickles on the side. Monterey Jack cheese and Applewood Bacon are other great toppings if you want to mix things up.

🍔 Scott Johnson: Willie Burger at Willie’s Wee-Nee Wagon in Brunswick.

🍔 Tom Wills: I like Wendy’s single with cheese all the way...the reason is simple. It is full of flavor, well-cooked and reasonably priced. I have not found a burger I like better.

🍔 Melanie Lawson: Burger Barn in SJC!

🍔 Staci Spanos: I feel very strongly about this – Epik Burger! On Atlantic just west of Hodges. They have an amazing variety of burgers (even fish, veggies), fries, and shakes (Nutella!) and they are consistently delicious. Among my faves: the Epikurean Burger, Asian-Mango Ginger Salmon Burger. Burger aficionados need to check this place out!