Don’t try this TikTok trend, experts warn! Why latest laundry hack could cause problems

In the age of TikTok cleaning hacks, we’ve become accustomed to seeing some pretty unique tricks on the internet, but some work better than others.

And now the experts at Consumer Reports are warning people about a popular laundry hack that could really cause problems in your washing machine.

CONSUMER REPORTS: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Dish Soap in Your Washing Machine

The hack involves taking dish soap -- like Dawn -- and putting it on a towel before throwing it in the wash.

The hack promises whiter whites and cleaner clothes, but all those suds are not built for your washing machine.

In fact, if you do this too much, you can end up creating a build-up in your machine that will leave your washer smelly and leave your clothes feeling soapy.

To compensate, some washers may also add extra water and time to a cycle.

While a few drops of dish soap rubbed into a stain from time to time will not cause these problems, not using the recommended detergent or too much can cause problems later on.

Something else to keep in mind, dish soap can be irritating for sensitive skin, and if you wash your sheets in it, it could disrupt your sleep.

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