Cash mob hits Jacksonville stores

Event held at Green Man Gourmet, Mojo

Cash mob, that is. A group of organized shoppers swarmed on a local business. This time, they went to Avondale's Green Man Gourmet and Mojos.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A cash mob was held at two Jacksonville stores in hopes of giving a boost to the local economy.

"The cash mob was actually started in Cleveland and I read about it and thought that would be a cool thing to do here in Jacksonville," said Mike Fields. "Just a way that other cities were successful getting other people involved in shopping locally and getting the awareness out, so were trying to do it here as well."

It's the second cash mob Fields has organized in Jacksonville.

"We had 66 people today and it was great for both businesses involved. It was Green Man Gourmet and Mojo. They both had pretty large bumps in sales for the day. It was pretty successful all together," said Fields.

The owners of Green Man Gourmet were happy with the event.

"Sales were great. Again, it's like a little Christmas for us. We were told to have a heads up that they would be coming through and it was exceptional. When I first came in, people were already lined up ready to be able to purchase things," said David Hart, one of the store owners.

Pete Eldridge, the other owner of Green Man Gourmet, said the store has the hyper-local products shoppers wanted.

"It's amazing because what we do here is we get lots of things from all over the world but also, too, there are a lot of things inside Jacksonville. So we have picked up different companies in Jacksonville that have phenomenal taste and flavors, that we have here for food," said Eldridge.

The owners believe the cash mobs benefit the entire community.