Good Samaritan released from hospital, still recovering

Lawyer demands justice for man hit by Jeep

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A good Samaritan who was nearly killed while helping two women change their flat tires shared his story with News4Jax Tuesday night, saying it was a miracle that he survived.

"You do something, you know to help somebody out and you get this reaction," Albert Ives said. "I want them to step forward and admit their guilt."

Ives told News4Jax that he's still waiting for justice and for the person who hit him to be arrested. Ives has four metal rods holding his foot together and he told News4Jax that the pain is excruciating.

With a smile and a positive attitude, Ives said he wouldn't take back his good deed the night he stopped to help two others in need.

"I am here and I'm blessed to be here and I just have to look at the positive aspects because if I don't it's just going to make it worse," said Ives. "I went to jack the car and then I heard the tires squealing and then I heard the metal hit and then I woke up -- that's all I remember, it was just so quick."


Investigators said a white Jeep hit Ives while he was on the side of Southside Boulevard two weeks ago. After hitting Ives the driver and a passenger in the Jeep ditched their car on the side of the road and fled from the scene.

"They have to wait for the skin to heal up and they can put screws in the foot," Ives said. "So right now they're waiting to see if the skin heals up and no infection occurs. If that doesn't happen, they'll have to do a skin graft."

Ives and his attorney, John Phillips, said they are still waiting for justice. Phillips told News4Jax that there will not only be criminal charges, but civil consequences for the person who hit Ives.


"Justice is injustice without information," said Phillips. "We're talking about six figures in medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity and so you know, we want to know his name so we can find out, okay, what insurance does he have to see what they can offer Bert."

While the Florida Highway Patrol has told News4Jax they have some leads in the case, they said the investigation is still not complete. Without a driver to charge in the case, Ives made a plea to News4Jax cameras Tuesday night.

"Everybody makes mistakes, but it only makes it worse when you hide away from it," said Ives.