Oklahoman's lost phone found 8 months later in Japan

Farmer dropped phone in grain silo


A farmer who lost his iPhone in a grain elevator got the surprise of his life when it was returned to him eight months later after a trip to Japan.

Oklahoma farmer Kevin Whitney, the manager of the Apache Farmers Co-Op in Chickasha, Oklahoma, lost his phone in October after it slipped out of his shirt pocket and into a silo holding roughly 290,000 bushels of grain, according to The Associated Press.

The phone itself was replaceable, but harder to replace were the pictures from his daughter's wedding and vacation.

The phone traveled to another Oklahoma grain facility before going down the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers to a depot in Convent, Louisiana. From there, the grain was loaded onto ships bound for another grain depot on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.

Whitney received a phone call in May from a man who works at a grain company in Convent, Louisiana, saying a worker at a feed mill in Japan found the phone. The man said that it's not uncommon for phones to find their way into grain shipments.

The feed mill worker in Japan sent the phone on its long journey back home.

Whitney was surprised that not only did the phone make it back to him, it made it back in perfect condition.