1 year since Metro PCS clerk's murder

Shelby Farah robbed, shot, killed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A somber anniversary passed for family and friends of Shelby Farah, the young woman shot and killed during a robbery at a Brentwood Metro PCS store.

Sunday marks one year since the 20-year-old was robbed, shot and killed as she worked at the store on North Main Street.

On Sunday night family and friends honored her life with a service at Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church.

Music filled the room, the color of pink stood out among the pews and a candle was lit. They were little things that all bring comfort and joy in memory of Farah.

"The emotional support -- I can't even describe it. And that's what, besides my other two children, that's what keeps me going," said Darlene Farah, Shelby Farah's mother. "We have to honor her memory and her legacy."

Shelby Farah's brother and sister both got up to share what they knew and loved about her. 

One picture shows her cheerleading, students giving a special tribute in her memory. 

Not only was Shelby Farah their coach, she was their role model, someone who mentored them about being a good person.

"We need more Shelbys," Darlene Farah said. "We need to teach them about the morals of life instead of gangs and crime. I just want them to know that there is hope."

As she continues to mourn her daughter, Darlene Farah prays that people will hear Shelby's story and  honor her legacy. She says Shelby's spirit and a hope for a better future is what gets her  through the day. 

"The adrenaline, that's what keeps me fighting for changes," Darlene Farah said.

James Rhodes has been charged with first-degree murder in the case. His trial is scheduled to begin later this year. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Rhodes' attorneys have filed a motion to determine if Rhodes is intellectually disabled. If they find that he is, he would not be eligible for capitol punishment.