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Man's testimony held off in French model wife's death

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The prime suspect in the murder of a rich and famous French model in Florida's capital city was scheduled to make his case today, but that will have to wait.

Eight months ago, French model Samira Frasch was found dead floating in her swimming pool at her Tallahassee home.

Her husband, Dr. Adam Frasch, has denied guilt for the incident since February. His attorney said he took the kids to Panama City with his wife's permission before she was found dead.

Adam Frasch was arrested later that day in Panama City, where he had taken the couple's two young daughters.

He was in jail until last week on child custody violations.

Adam Frasch was scheduled to make his case in front of a grand jury Thursday, but it will apparently have to wait until Friday morning.

"There have been some recent developments that make this a surprising turn of events," said John Leace, attorney for Adam Frasch.

The attorney said he didn't think the grand jury was necessary.

Frasch reached a plea deal last week. He's never been charged for the homicide of his wife.

"A judge elected by the citizens of this jurisdiction decided that there was not probable cause. Then to go forward with a grand jury and ask a committee, essentially, of citizens to overrule the decision of a trained legal scholar, no I don't think it's fair," Leace said.

The unsolved case has garnered national and international attention. Frasch declined to comment until after he testified. He'll face the grand jury Friday morning.