St. Augustine teens: Oscar nominees should re-gift


Two St. Augustine teens are determined to get Hollywood's attention, but not for the usual reasons. 

Sam Franzini, 14, and Trinity Byrd, 13, are calling on Hollywood to re-gift the gift bags given away at the Oscars. 

The duo discovered that Oscar nominees who don't win awards receive a bag filled with items valued at $85,000. After doing the math, they concluded that at this year's award ceremony, 96 attendees received bags, totaling more than $8 million in goodies. 

Motivated to put that money into the hands of those in need, Franzini and Byrd set up a website and various social media platforms to spread their message. Their Youtube video has reached more than 400 views. 

"We wondered what $85,000 could do to make a difference in this world," they wrote on the website, "so we did a little research. ... Even just one nominee's generosity could make a tremendous difference!"

The two claim that one gift of $85,000 could keep one Florida animal sanctuary open for an entire year, run the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for 10 months or provide Doctors Without Borders medical supplies to 5,000 victims for seven years. 

Franzini and Byrd claim that if they were to become Oscar nominees when they grow up, donating their bags to help others would be a "no-brainer." 

Hoping the real nominees agree, they're asking them to donate the bags for auction, match the amount of the bag, encourage sponsors to donate money or personally donate their bag directly to a charity.