Japenese sushi restaurant had to throw out food because of temperature violations

Several restaurant and three Country Clubs cited with violations


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – We brought our cameras out to Tokyo on Normandy Boulevard before they opened and they were busy getting ready for the day. They were quick to pull out their follow up inspection after they fixed a cooler that wasn't keeping food at the proper temperature.  The restaurant was empty except for workers when we arrived before lunch this week.  A week after an inspector found five high priority violations one that needed addresses right away.

The biggest violations were at the reach in cooler.  They had a cooler that wasn't working. Inside the cooler were raw scallops, chicken, shrimp, noodles and tofu. It was anywhere from three to 10 degrees too warm.  

Manager NaNa Chen says they trashed the food and got this cooler fixed.  The follow up inspection the next day proved it.  The inspector wrote all the food was within proper temperature range

There was another high priority violation that got my attention. An employee who didn't wash his hands and dealt with raw beef and went to prepare ready to eat food.  Chen said that was a training issue and they talked with employee.

Hands washing is so important because it can lead to a food borne illness and that's why it's a high priority violation.

Tokyo Sushi  is in the clear for now because during the next inspection there were zero high priority violations.

Three Country Club kitchens were checked last week and they all require a follow up inspection because of violations.

Atlantic Beach Country Club on Selva Marina Drive was cited with four high priority violations.  They had to throw out gravy and black eyed peas because they weren't refrigerated properly.

Jacksonville Golf and Country Club is also on the report after passing it's last three inspections.  It had six high priority violations. The inspector wrote they were not refrigerating food properly. He also wrote raw burgers were stored over potato skins in the freezer which could be a contamination issue.

Fleming Island Golf Club was cited with five high priority violations.
Meat, cream, and tomatoes were all around five degrees to warm to be considered safe.  Also the self service ice bucket needed a sneeze guard.  They had to get rid of it. The inspector did come back to Fleming Island Golf Club three days later and cleared it with zero serious violations.

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