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Corrine Brown staying mum on federal subpoena

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s been a week since Rep. Corrine Brown was subpoenaed at a Northside restaurant and it has still not been made public why federal investigators want to talk with her.

The congresswoman was in town Monday, touring a number of veterans facilities with officials from the Department of Labor.

Brown, who is typically outspoken, is being uncharacteristically quiet on subject of the subpoena.
She said there’s not a lot she can say about it.

“Let me tell you what my attorney told me, they would divorce me if I opened my mouth,” Brown said. “And you know how much I like to talk, but it’s a legal issue and my attorneys are dealing with it. I have the best. ... He told me to zip it and it’s hard for me to zip it.”

There has been some speculation that the subpoena was related to Brown's quick picks, election endorsements the congresswoman prints and distributes to her supports near the polls that look like a ballot.
Some have expressed concern about how candidates end up on the quick pick list.

There have also been reports the subpoena could be tied to lobbying efforts, but the federal officials who issued the subpoena are not talking.

Brown continued on with her tour Monday of job centers and was talking about the work to get homeless veterans off the streets.

After her first meeting, News4Jax tried again to get some clarification about the subpoena and whether she let officials in Congress know about the investigation.

“My attorney told me in this area, 'We know you are used to talking, but button up,'” Brown said.

Brown's attorney Bill Sheppard has not returned calls seeking comment.

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