Dozier bill, 13 others go to Scott


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Legislative leaders Tuesday sent 14 bills to Gov. Rick Scott, including a measure (SB 708) that stems from the discovery of children's remains and allegations of abuse at the shuttered Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Jackson County.

The bill, in part, would allocate $1.5 million for the reburial of remains removed from the 1,400-acre site.

Also, the bill would establish plans for a memorial at the reform school, which operated for decades.

Among the other bills sent to Scott was a measure (SB 514) that would lead to pay raises for county supervisors of elections across the state.

Currently, there are differences in the way salaries are calculated for supervisors of elections, tax collectors, property appraisers and clerks of circuit court -- jobs known as "constitutional officers."

Because of the differences, supervisors of elections typically make less money than the other officials.

The bill would lead to all of the salaries being calculated in the same way.