State won't prosecute cop accused of having sex with prostitutes

Adam Boyd has resigned from Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville police officer who resigned the day after his arrest last month on charges of grand theft was also found by investigators to be having sex with prostitutes while in uniform.

Despite enough evidence to sustain findings against Officer Adam Boyd by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, the State Attorney's Office said there's not enough of a case for a successful prosecution.

The I-TEAM learned that a tip about Boyd's sexual activity prompted JSO Internal Affairs to put Boyd under surveillance. That surveillance led to him being charged for billing private employers, mostly apartment complexes, for off-duty security work he didn't perform.

Boyd resigned April 15, the day after he was arrested on the grand theft charge.

According to the IA report, two known prostitutes told investigators that they had sex with Boyd on multiple occasions. One said she provided sex to him in exchange for information; the other said he would give her money if she asked.

One of the women told investigators that she felt forced into having sex with him.

“(The victim) advised she felt she would be arrested on both occasions if she did not allow the sex to occur," investigators wrote in the report. "She further added that she did not resist either time because he was an armed police officer."

The State Attorney's Office released a statement about the investigation Monday, saying the state "has no physical evidence or witnesses in this matter and cannot prosecute this case."

"While probable cause is enough to sustain an Internal Affairs complaint, the state has to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt," the statement said.

According to the report obtained by News4Jax, Internal Affairs sustained the complaint against Boyd for commission of conduct supporting sexual acts and sexual battery under the color of authority.

It was discovered that Boyd was having frequent consensual sexual relations for money with a known prostitute, as well as using his authority to have to force sexual intercourse on another known prostitute, while wearing his Jacksonville Sheriff's Office issued uniform, while armed with his Jacksonville Sheriff's Office issued firearm, and while using his Jacksonville Sheriff's Office issued patrol car to travel to the location where the illegal sexual activity was occurring."

DOCUMENT: Internal Affairs' investigation of Officer Adam Boyd

The State Attorney's Office has declined to file criminal charges against Boyd on the sex acts, saying that while there was probable cause, it was unlikely he would be convicted due to the lack of physical evidence and independent witnesses.

The ITEAM found the accusations went back to 2013 -- the same year Boyd divorced his wife -- a Duval County elementary school principal.

Boyd worked for the Sheriff's Office for 14 years, most recently on patrol in the Arlington area. He was named Officer of the Month in 2014.

Boyd is one of two Jacksonville police officers arrested in past three weeks.

"We have to look at each of these cases individually, but obviously we do step back and take a 10,000-foot view," Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said. "Do we have an issue somewhere inside the department? Are we missing something, somewhere inside the department?"

Williams said he just received the Internal Affairs report on the Boyd's case and had not yet reviewed it, "But I know the basics of what was going on, and again (an) opportunity for us  in prior discipline, in hiring. Did we miss the boat somewhere?"