Fountain dedicated to El Faro victims

Fountain located in Evergreen Cemetery

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A fountain was unveiled Saturday at the Evergreen Cemetery to commemorate the life of Lonnie Jordan, who died along with 32 others in the El Faro cargo ship sinking.

Lonnie Jordan’s mother, Joanna Johnson, spoke about the irony of having the fountain in a cemetery, a place where people often come for closure – closure she says she won’t have.

“I’m never really going to have closure, because the more I see, the more things progress, the more the trial gets started, and as we go on and on and on, and get into the depths of everything, you know, it’s going to bring back fresh memories,” Johnson said. “You know, old memories of the man he was and why did he have to go through what he went through, and the reason and the purpose behind it all. You know, God has a plan. And, I don’t know what his plan is, but, I’m just going to go for the ride.”

Johnson hopes that Jordan’s name will resonate with others, bringing joy and peace, which she said is represented by the water in the fountain dedicated at Evergreen Cemetery, and a testament to her faith.

“You know, I’ve always believed that God never leaves his self without a witness,” Johnson said. “And, to see Christ in me, will allow the love of God to resonate in their hearts to know that, you know, regardless of how hard times may be and no matter how the struggle may appear, that it’s still light. You know, there's still hope if we just hold on to one another and His unchanging hand, and that’s the key.”

Johnson is doing her part to make that struggle easier for families this holiday season, giving away 500 turkeys from the Lonnie Samuels Jordan foundation.

The turkey give-a-way will be next Saturday at the We’re for Jesus Ministries at 5000 Main Street North, starting around 9 a.m., and will run until all 500 turkeys are gone.