Town Center "growing like crazy"

New businesses set to open

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Like a Phoenix rising, buildings seemingly sprout from the land that is the burgeoning Town Center.

Restaurant choices galore with the popular Red Robin burger joint set to open its first store in this area. Nearby Newks and Taco Bell ready to serve.

Town Center customers who talked with Channel 4’s Bruce Hamilton tell him it’s exciting and they think it will help boost real estate values and is a sign

Also taking shape is Aldi, a grocery store giving the myriad of people who will move into the numerous apartment complexes under construction another option to grab their favorite foods

One commercial real estate agent characterized the growth as crazy and said it's like a real life monopoly board with developers buying the land and building stores, houses and hotels at a feverish pace.

Also in the labyrinth of buildings a new bigger home for Best Buy. It’s moving across the street. Nearby Home Depot takes shape. And let's not ignore the WAWA convenience store cult that is ready to lure NE Fla customers. 

A couple visiting from Boston said they’re impressed and wish they had a Town Center like this back home, adding there's nothing this convenient back home. 

Of course with all this growth comes traffic. People I talked with say it’s just a fact of life. Can you imagine this place during the holiday shopping season?



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