Roaches, dirty dishes, flies, dangerous temperatures found at local restaurants

Restaurant Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – There were no restaurant closures last week, but several restaurants had a high number of violations. 

The Pizza Hut on North Main Street had a recent inspection after someone called in a complaint. The inspector found four high-priority violations. Workers had to stop using the dishwasher because it wasn't sanitizing dishes properly. The inspector also caught an employee using his phone and then touching pizza toppings without washing his hands.

There was also a temperature issue. According to the report, the inspector checked cold pizza sauce and found it was too warm to be considered safe.

All these issues were corrected on site, but the restaurant still needs a recheck within three months. 

Royal Buffet on Normandy Boulevard had seven high-priority violations.They had to throw out cabbage and cheese because it sat in a cooler overnight and didn't hold the proper temperature. Managers were also told to throw out five cracked eggs before they used them. Raw shrimp was stored over cut onions which could have been a contamination issue.

Inspectors also found a roach and flies in the kitchen, but it wasn't enough to force a shutdown.

Royal Buffet is still waiting on a recheck.

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