Mid-week flurries possible in Southeastern Georgia?

Another cold front will slip through Tuesday, Wednesday gives us more cold air

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If one shot of cold air wasn't enough, what are your thoughts on another shot of Arctic air by mid-week? No matter if you're a winter weather fan or not - the cold, bone-chilling temperatures continue to be our lot across Northeastern Florida and Southeastern Georgia this January.

So if late night and early morning temperatures are at or below the freezing mark, is there a chance for snow anytime this week? Likely not, but there's a small chance.

Here's how the forecast shacks out: a reinforcing push of cold air will spread across the area on Wednesday. Moisture will be limited with the frontal passage so only expect a slight chance of
rain or flurries behind front across mainly across Southeast Georgia on Wednesday morning.

In typical fashion, we generally rely on the weather models to give us an idea as to what could actually happen. The Global Forecasting Systems model (GFS, American) and the European model (Euro) are both indicating that there will be little to no rain or snow with this Tuesday night's / Wednesday morning's frontal passage.

Simply put, there's just not enough moisture in the air to make it happen, despite ground temperatures below-freezing. We literally have a "snowball's chance" of snow this time around. Nevertheless, keep checking back with the Weather Authority for updates.