Men charged in Baker County home invasion were set up, family says

1 killed, 5 in jail after shootout


GLEN ST. MARY, Fla. – Family and friends of a group of men who were arrested or killed during a violent shootout at a Baker County home are defending their loved ones.

The home invasion happened in April, and investigators said it stemmed from a feud on social media. The Baker County Sheriff's Office said seven masked men broke into the home during the middle of the night and traded gunfire with three to four other people inside. One of the alleged home invaders, Cory Lauramore, 18, was killed.

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Since then, the five men arrested have gotten attorneys, and aren't speaking to police. However, the families of the men charged with the crime told News4Jax they were set up and lured into the home.

"My son is gone, and two are locked up over a lie because it did not happen the way these boys said it did," Tina Lauramore, Cory Lauramore's mother, said.

Lauramore's two other sons are in jail -- arrested after the shootout. She said she's uncovered proof online showing the men were lured into the home.

"We just keep getting all this information and evidence and giving it to the people we're supposed to be giving it to," Lauramore said. "It's like nothing is being done."

The Sheriff's Office is backing its arrest of the men, saying it appears to be a self-defense or stand-your-ground case. But Liza Watkins disagrees. Her son Christian was also arrested after the shootout, and she's hoping he gets justice.

"My son was, he was supposed to graduate May the 18th," Watkins said. "Now he's supposed to be this hardcore thug and that's not my son."

The five men are still in jail, charged with home invasion. Investigators said more charges could be coming.

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