Hyde Park restaurant fails inspection, briefly shuts down

What's Cookin' on Jacksonville's Westside reopens after 3rd inspection

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A restaurant in Jacksonville's Westside was forced to temporarily close after health inspectors found flies near the kitchen's back door and roaches near the dishwasher, according to state regulators' records.

The hash browns, country fried steaks and scrambled eggs at the restaurant in the Hyde Park neighborhood may have earned it 3.5 stars on Yelp. But it's a recent inspection that whipped up an emergency closure at Jax What’s Cookin’.

The restaurant on Lane Ave South cooked up 20 violations, seven of which were critical, according to inspection reports.


An inspector found at least six flies near the kitchen's back door. Records show 26 live roaches near the dishwasher, under the steam table and the cooler led to a brief shutdown.

According to records, the creepy crawlers were spotted during the inspector’s second visit.

Records show the restaurant reopened after a third inspection the following day.