Repeat offenders forced to temporarily shut their doors

Health inspections lead to emergency closures of 4 Jacksonville restaurants

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Four Jacksonville restaurants were forced to temporarily shut their doors to customers, leading to four unhappy restaurant owners.

This week's offenders are no strangers to health inspectors. 

Courtyard Cafe

It was strike three for the Courtyard Cafe on West Adams Street in downtown Jacksonville.

A recurring problem with rodents landed the restaurant a third emergency closure in less than a year.

An inspector cited it with a repeat violation for 16 rodent droppings found in the kitchen.


According to state regulators' records, raw burgers stored over bags of fries posed a health risk because of cross-contamination.

The inspector allowed Courtyard Cafe to reopen that same day once the meats were re-arranged and the kitchen was cleaned up.


On the city's Westside, the Hardee's on Commonwealth Avenue faced a temporary closure after health inspectors found eight rodent droppings near the water heater and on the floor.


The problems were swept up and fixed in just a few hours, allowing Hardee's to reopen.

Hook Fish & Chicken

On the Northside, Hook Fish & Chicken on Myrtle Avenue was closed again. The brief closure comes just three months after it was shut down for the same issue with rodents.


Inspectors found 121 dry rodent droppings near the hot water heater, on the prep table, on menus atop a counter, near the register and in the storage room.

When inspectors returned the following two days, fresh droppings and flies were found.

The restaurant reopened two days later and will be inspected again within 90 days.

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Hunan Wok

Hunan Wok on Fort Caroline Road in Arlington had a hard time keeping the roaches away, according to state regulators' records.

It shut down for two days after an inspector found 14 live bugs and eight dead ones in the kitchen.


A warning was also issued for an employee who didn't have any gloves on while handling food, state regulators' records show.

The restaurant opened two days later after zero violations were found.