Hot dogs, ribs, Sunday brunch served with side of violations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On the menu we've got a full rack of ribs, Sunday brunch and hamburgers served with a side of critical violations.

Four eateries in Jacksonville missed the mark and had to shut down due to health violations in this week's Restaurant Report.

Casa Marina

In Jacksonville Beach, Casa Marina on First Street North shut down for half a day after a failed inspection. State records show the popular brunch spot had four dead roaches found near the restroom and kitchen that the manager discarded. The business also had nearly 25 flies, according to inspectors.

VIEW INSPECTION REPORTS: Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant

Corrective action was taken and an appointment for pest control was scheduled. The restaurant reopened that same day but still needs a followup inspection.

Wipeouts Grill

In Neptune Beach, Wipeouts Grill on Atlantic Boulevard made waves with a one-day closure. It had three high-priority violations that include rodent droppings found in the kitchen and raw sausage stored over a box of cheese, according to state regulators' records.


A basic violation was also issued for wet nesting cups, which are how inspectors refer to dishes that have been stacked before they're dried.


Krystal on Lem Turner Road, just south of West Edgewood Avenue, was caught with two dead rodents on a sticky trap near the stove and fryer, state records show. Grease buildup was found under the fryers and approximately 40 dry rodent droppings were spotted nearby, inspectors said.


The fast-food chain shut down for a day but cleaned up in time to open the next day. A followup inspection is in order.

Crazy Dawgs

Crazy Dawgs food truck on Atlantic Boulevard also shut down briefly after inspectors said they found sewage water leaking from the truck.


Inspectors said the manager was caught grabbing a hot dog with his bare hands because he didn't have any gloves. The food truck reopened the next day after meeting state standards.