Large snake hiding in shopping cart rattles Walmart worker

Police were alerted to the incident by the employee's screams

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KRUGERVILLE, Texas – It looks like germs aren’t the only things you have to worry about lurking in your shopping cart. 

A Walmart employee in Texas was recently startled to find a large snake coiled up inside a shopping cart while collecting carts outside a store in the suburbs outside of Dallas.

The cart attendant’s bloodcurdling scream was loud enough to get the attention of a Northeast Police Department officer who was patrolling the area Saturday evening.

The police department posted several images of the discovery on Facebook, which showed the large rat snake nestled between shopping carts waiting to be returned.

Officers notified wildlife handler John Heckaman, who showed up to capture the snake. Incidentally, Heckaman – who’s known as “The Snake Charmer” – was bitten once.

Fortunately for Heckaman, rat snakes are not venomous, so the bite wasn’t serious. He relocated the snake without any additional mishaps.

Police said the snake was likely uprooted from its natural habitat by a round of heavy rainfall.

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